PostgreSQL RPM Repository (with Yum)
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PostgreSQL RPM Building Project - Yum Repository Howto

Please click here and download the repository RPM based on your distro and PostgreSQL version you want. If you are using another PostgreSQL RPM Repository, installing files with rpm -U will be sufficient.

The link will be opened in a new window / tab.

Installation procedure and details

Please find here a PDF that will guide you after installing packages.

External howtos

There are some perfect howto's:

Note about the --integer-datetimes supported RPMs:

These packages are distributed via a seperate channel, called pgdg83-id. Before using these sets, please make sure that you have latest repository RPM installed on your system. If you want to use these sets, enable pgdg83-id repository. You don't need to disable pgdg83 repository, since -id repository will always have a higher priority, and only postgresql with --integer-datetimes supported packages will be available in pgdg83-id channel.

NOTE: up2date, which is shipped with RHEL4(and below) cannot be used with this repository. Newer repository creation evironments don't support up2date. RHEL 4 users need to use yum.

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