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jsquery_11 - PostgreSQL json query language with GIN indexing support

Website: https://github.com/postgrespro/jsquery/
License: PostgreSQL
Vendor: PostgreSQL Global Development Group
JsQuery – is a language to query jsonb data type, introduced in
PostgreSQL release 9.4.

It's primary goal is to provide an additional functionality to jsonb
(currently missing in PostgreSQL), such as a simple and effective way to
search in nested objects and arrays, more comparison operators with
indexes support. We hope, that jsquery will be eventually a part of

Jsquery is released as jsquery data type (similar to tsquery) and @@
match operator for jsonb.


jsquery_11-1.1.1-2.rhel6.i686 [41 KiB] Changelog by - Devrim Gündüz (2020-05-05):
- Fix -devel package dependency, per report from Justin.
jsquery_11-1.1.1-1.rhel6.i686 [41 KiB] Changelog by - Devrim Gündüz (2019-09-06):
- Update to 1.1.1
jsquery_11-1.1.0-1.rhel6.1.i686 [40 KiB] Changelog by Devrim Gündüz (2018-10-15):
- Rebuild against PostgreSQL 11.0

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