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PostgreSQL 9.6devel is ready for testing

If you are a Fedora 22-23 or RHEL/CentOS/Scientific Linux/Oracle Linux 6 and 7 user and want to test new big features of PostgreSQL 9.6 and help development team, you may use the packages that we will release frequently during development cycle, based on GIT shapshots.

Please note that these packages are built using the official daily tarball.

These are not stable packages. Use them at your own risk. They are not ready for production..

Please install repository RPMs from here first:

You can install them along with other PGDG RPMs. You may want to install -debuginfo RPM, which may help PostgreSQL developers to get some data in case you find a bug.

Source RPMs are also available: (and they are installable using yum/dnf).

Please report any packaging related errors to us. If you find any PostgreSQL 9.6 bugs, please post them to or fill out this form:

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